Name: Rolecia Looney Major: Theatre/Speech Communications Year in School: Junior Hometown: Flint, MI Voice Part: Alto/VP Known Aliases: "Ro", "Po' Ro", "Ro-Ro-Ro Your Boat" Fun Fact: I am a makeup junkie. Strange Fact: I never wear real pants. Favorite Musician: It's a tie between Amy Winehouse and Adele Favorite guilty pleasure musician: EMINEM. Favorite movie: Breakfast At Tiffany's Favorite guilty pleasure movie: Undercover Brother Favorite Food: Egg Favorite Drink:
Skkkyyyy If you could have one super power which one would it be and why?
I wanna be a mind reader, because I'd like know what people are thinking. Favorite syllable to sing in a cappella arrangements: buka-bap-bada-lacka-dow-dow If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Hungary.
because I'm Hungarian.